A colorfood landscape is an exposition table designed for Kids Area in HOMI Milano 2015 (fair about lifestyle and furniture innovation). 
The project is based on themes such as bio/organic food, kids, the relationship with the Italian territory and colors, in order to showcase the values of the brands in parternship with the exhibition: STOKKE, Oikos and Alce Nero
The table lines remind about Italy landscape and the colors represent the different meals during the day.
Team Project
Monica Bortolussi, Aureliano Capri, Jacopo Cardinali, Valentina Militi, Eleonora Zuaro, Noori Hoong
Project Supervision by 
Salamanca Design
In partnership with
ISIA Roma Design, STOKKE, Oikos, Alce Nero, 
Music by C2C – “Happy”
Thanks to Valeria Michetti and Martina Mitrione for shooting and editing assistance

Keep on watching ;D

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