“Biodiversity Scape - The atlas of ecosystem interactions scanned by 3Bee” is a video-installation born to live an immersive space in the exhibit designed by materieunite for 3Bee. In an enveloping dome-like closed cardboard shell, a looped video is projected onto a 160cm flat surface positioned about one meter above the ground.
The viewer stands in front of a multimedia table, an atlas, constantly updated radar on the motion of biodiversity. The goal of the installation is to tell the story of biodiversity in a simple and evocative way, conveying 3Bee's technological and scientific know-how.
The video installation "Biodiversity Scape" represents an exploration of the theme of biodiversity through a continuously updated radar that moves across the screen like a finger on the globe.
The combination of the metaphorical visual representation of territories and the evocative music of each habitat creates a symphony of ecosystem connections that shows the important role of pollinators as bioindicators of the health of the environment.
Biodiversity is metaphorically represented by a map whose data are distributed in 5 levels of information:
1. Satellite Maps in the central core
2. Contexts (Ecosystems and Communities), areas that fill the outer surface
3. Species (actions), guiding lines that travel over the outer surface 
4. Climate change, metronome that cuts perpendicularly across the surface
5. Newsfeed on biodiversity and the contribution of 3Bee, table edge
At regular intervals the focus on the map (like a finger pointed at a globe) changes: the radar recharges and the central core changes, altering the information outside as well.
In this symphony of technological interactions and ecosystem connections, the actions of humans and pollinators are highlighted as bioindicators of the health of a specific ecosystem or environment.
Sketches, style-frames, mistakes, tests, bounces in the mind ★


Concept, Art Direction, Motion Graphics & Video Editing
Aureliano Capri
Original Score
Sergio Bachelet
Scientific advice
Technology Project
Aureliano Capri
Exhibit Project

Appearances at trade fairs and eventsApimell 2023 in Piacenza
Vinitaly 2023 in Verona

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