Synced video-installation designed with Studio Azzurro for the exhibit that celebrates centenary  of the foundation of the School of Architecture at the University of Rome La Sapienza.
In the main hall of the Faculty, six projectors show a timeline about the history of architecture of the last one hundred years.
Timeline flows in a ⟲ loop, stopped every 1/2 minutes from an imaginary dialogue between two architecture masters talking about role, language and responsability of architects and architecture. The last dialogue is made by nowadays students thoughts and dreams about future in architecture.
Time-line is split in 5 period of time, representing history through local, national and international lenses. Events, works, books, figures are juxt-aposed ∞ in order to let spectators freely see conjunctions and intersections between milestones apparently not related.​​​​​​​
Through a constant dialogue with the curators team, quite a thousand media were collected and edited in the final "collage". Archive materials, videos, scanned documents, rotoscopic crops are mixed together and showed through different slideshow layouts ✁ designed in order to accommodate content nature and diversifying the representation.
Narration is transversal and oblique, spectator has a chance to observe installation in two (or more?) modalities:
• staying still and letting the time pass by in front of himself
• walking toward time and focus on a specific year, freezing time-movement and its own attention
 The six projectors were synced using soft-edge technique, covering about 12 meters of surface in width and 1,5 meters in height
 Architecture Masters’ voices were dubbed by a team of actors
 For the last dialogue, a set of simple footage and auto-interview instructions was given to students in order to receive homemade videos with their contributes
 Project was made in coordination with the curator team composed by 10 professors of the Faculty
✦ An adapted version of the installation is exhibited in Biennale Venice 2021
Sketches, style-frames, mistakes, tests, bounces in the mind ★

Keep on watching ;D

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