In this page I will update the state of the art of my ongoing odyssey  in a PhD in Service Design for Public Sector ;)
PhD in Service Design for Public Sector
Sapienza University of Rome XXXIX° Cycle (since November 2023)
The program is a partnership between these HEIs: Sapienza University of Rome, ISIA Rome, ISIA Florence, Politecnico Milan, Alma Mater Studiorium Bologna, IUAV Venice
Themes, topics, field of interests, research questions in progress
Widely speaking, my research focuses on cognitive and systemic processes in designing informative and narrative environments.
I am focusing the research proposal for my PhD in investigating the role of technology both in teaching and learning practises, both as a medium for inner inquiry.
Methodologically, I am exploring how to use information architecture as a technique to compose narrative environments and how to renovate ergonomic importance in UI practices for digital realm.
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