Buendìa is Aureliano Capri, a multifaceted being.
As a researcher, Aureliano is PhD Candidate in Service Design for Public Sector at Sapienza University of Rome & ISIA Roma Design. He wonders about digital ecosystems impacting everyday life and about the relationship between technologies, language and narratives. Discover more here.
As a professor/practitioner, has been teaching (1) Information Design at RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts since 2020 and he is the assistant professor of Leonardo Sangiorgi in (2) Interactive Exhibit Design Course and (3) Digital Design at ISIAROMADesign since 2019.
As a designer, he works in the following areas and beyond: branding, visual and graphic design, illustration, motion graphics, photography, videomaking, copywriting.
He collaborates actively with materieunite and Studio Azzurro. In the past he worked as an employee for Iperdesign and Newton S.p.A.. During his career, he designed stuff for MAXXI, Disneyland Paris, Deloitte, Allianz, HP, DHL, Unipol, Zurich, IILA, IDM Sudtirol, Sapienza University of Rome (Architecture Department).
As a human, he always has a small notebook in his pocket, he listens to quite 70thousand minutes of music per year (Spotify Wrapped data), he plays football in 3rd amateur category, he plans parties with interactive games and a/v visual and he creates delicious personal gift card and customized maps during trips with friends and family.
As a curious human, Aureliano lives for connections and tries to mix everything that he encounters.
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