Scrambled art is a tale of the effects of technological evolution in every artistic field. When the artist gives life, he unleashes his communicative impulses and the need to express himself through an artifact.
In the act of creating, the artist immerses himself in the becoming of the work: the pulsating energy of the body meets matter. Technical tools become mediators in the relationship between artistic fury and the material to be molded.
And so, the sounds of the instruments that accompany the birth of the work of art mix (scramble), marking the incessant rhythm of creative invention. harmonious dance between ancient and modern, analogue and digital, art and technology.
«Everything is technology.
Creative union between material and instrument.
Conjunction between thought and human dexterity.
The limits of man reveal the possibilities of nature.
The matter resists, but then it lets itself be guided, molded, caressed: it dissolves, flowing into the instrument.
Man experiences and destroys, transforms and gives life.

History repeats itself, same material, new forms.
One technology season after another.»
« Tutto è tecnologia.
Unione creativa tra materia e strumento.
Congiunzione tra pensiero e manualità umana.
I limiti dell'uomo svelano le possibilità della natura.

La materia resiste, ma poi si lascia guidare, plasmare, accarezzare:
si dissolve, defluendo nello strumento.
L'uomo sperimenta e distrugge, trasforma e dà vita.

La storia si ripete, stessa materia, nuove forme.
Una stagione tecnologia dopo l'altra. »
Project collectively made with Flavia De Rubertis, Matteo Lucernari, Enrico Manfredi Frattarelli.
Voiceover by Marco Radiconcini.
Special thanks to Jacopo Cardinali, Lorenzo Coppola, Valeria Gallo, Paolo Novelli, Giulio Previ, Luna Ranalli, Elettra Renzi, Serena Rizzo, Federico Russotto, Sofia Russotto,

Keep on watching ;D

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