“AQVAVREA | Water is...” is a systemic project concept that aims to enhance the cultural heritage of the city of Rome and to stimulate the active involvement of citizens in water protection.
Starting from a study of Bernini's works, a cultural path has developed that creates a narrative and an interaction between the fountains, the squares, the city of Rome and its inhabitants.
AQVAVREA cultural path starts from the observation of the play of reflections between the Triton Fountain and the sunlight: Piazza Barberini becomes a stage-sundial around which a series of events revolve, bringing new life, light and value to the square, to its water and its inhabitants.
Water as a constant light of vital flow. The squares with Bernini's fountains as stages of life and art.
University Project
Course of Teoria e analisi dei sistemi
Prof.ssa Veneranda Carrino
MA in Systems and Communication Design

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