Tesoro del Tevere is a concept of a board game with innovative game mechanics, mixing together categories of strategy game, role playing game and trivial game.
“How would be the Tiber full of pirates? Which crew would lead the river banks: the Garbatella’s Bucanieri or the Trastevere’s Canaglie? In the boardgame “Il Tesoro del Tevere” every player has a Captain’s log and must answer to some quiz about Rome and defy the fate and the scaring nutria. The main goal is to conquer the treasure hidden by the San Pietro’s Marina in the Isola Tiberina. If you want to become a real Roman, hop on!”
University Project
Course of Innovazione Tipologica
Prof. Carlo Di Pascasio
BA in Design​​​​​​​

Thanks to Daniele De Luca and Daniela Amalia Parmegiani for assistance during the project.

Keep on watching ;D

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