"Famoso Postumo" → Becoming famous post mortem.
In order to visualize the tone of voice of the project, we listened several times to the songs.
Then, we imagined a statement.
« Happysad
I'm not okay with one
but sometimes it's the world's fault,
but sometimes I drink on it,
but sometimes I fight,
but sometimes I would like to break everything
but sometimes I take drugs to not think about it,
But I often think back to you
There is always a she
There is always violence / death
There is always the evening
There is always Rome
There is always home (as a closure) »
Lyrics Analysis
Collage, brainstorming
Concept, sketch, design proposals
Team Project
Aureliano Capri, Valerio Di Mario
Videoclip made by Valeria Michetti

Keep on watching ;D

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